Start of Week 2

Awesome. It has been a whole week (and 2 days) since I started school. I really enjoy it and are having lots of fun. Making new friends is both easy and hard, though, but as each day goes by I slowly meet more of the people that are in my classes.

The beginning of the week went really well, my classes were fun and the teachers were nice… but then during the middle of the week it started to slow down and get pretty boring. One of my teachers talks monotone and says “ummmm” a lot. Once we actually start working though, the class won’t be so hard. Then, on Friday, my week got really awesome again. On Friday I have a Drawing and Perspective class which is the first one I actually got to draw in. I love drawing, but I can NOT draw anything on the top of my head. I have to either have a reference image, or be told what to draw. That doesn’t mean I’m not creative though, because I can think up some crazy stories and things like that, but I just can’t draw something that I haven’t seen! 😛

Life after High school and being away from home is pretty tough and lonely. I already had my first money crisis. My school was supposed to give me money for rent, but there is a 30-day waiting period before my school gets the money. The school didn’t tell me about that so I had to pull all my money out of savings and I just BARELY had enough money to pay rent. Problem was, somehow/somewhere I spent 2$ so I was 2$ short! I didn’t know what to do, so my dad helped me out. Its all taken care of now, but now I have NO money whatsoever…

Having no money at ALL stinks. I’m supposed to write a resume (which I’m making harder than it should be) and then I have a meeting on Friday with Career Services at school. I’m supposed to show them my resume, and then they will help me apply to different places that are hiring students. Hopefully I’ll find one soon! My roommate and I are running out of food. He has money, but I don’t know how much it will last! And with no money, I can’t buy myself lunch or even a drink if I’m at school.

Wish me luck on the Job search.


Day One and the Coffee Shop

Today (October 1st, because my internet wasn’t working then) was my very first day of classes. It was amazing! I got to school okay, and walked into my first class ‘Introduction to Visual Effects’. There were 20-some people in the class, which was cool… The teacher was totally awesome. His name is Max and makes class very fun. We took 8 pages of notes about the History of Film, and the Timeline of Visual Effects, but it was totaly worth it. With each line of notes, I learned so much. Almost everything was something new. Class was scheduled about 4 hours, but we got 10 minute breaks (roughly) every hour. We also were done 20 minutes early.

After that class I went down to the Legal Ground’s Coffee & Tea place down on the corner. They were at Orientation and invited me there to have some coffee or tea (I don’t like coffee so I went and had the BEST EVER Chai Latte thing). I got an application from the lady and I’m really hoping that I might be able to work for them. They had new ideas of selling Coffee to people waiting in their car at the Stop-lights. I hope it works out for both them and I. I would love to have a job. (As of right now I have hardly any more money… Especially after having to pay my months rent out of my pocket because of a 30-day wait period on my school loan… -_-;;) I also turned my application to the Career Services at school to have them make sure I’m elligable to work part-time at the Cage in School… I’m really excited!

During lunch I met up with my Friend Kayla, and her room-mate Anastasia (Which doesn’t like her name, and prefers to be called Ana. Even though I think the name Anastasia is awesome!) which were both in my next ‘Freshman Studies’ Class. That teacher was awesome too. She was really nice and down to earth. We played another ‘Ice-breaker’ game where we had to find people with certain traits, and have them sign our paper. That went okay. We lectured and did a group project at the end of class. Afterwards we went down to the library to see what is offered to us there. The Library seemed really nice and organized. After that I took care of some things, like returning my Computer Lit. book because I tested out of the class (a good thing). Then after I went down to Kayla’s Dorm and went downtown with her and her roomate Ana. We went to Radioshack and also this cool game store that sells video games pretty cheap. We even got to ride the Trolly/Subway/Tram/whatever the heck its called.

Anyway… Then came the fun part. This morning I got a transfer ticket from my bus in the morning, and didn’t know that they expired in 3 hours. I try to catch a bus home, but the driver said it was expired. I only had 1.50$ and the fare was 1.75$ I was really scared and didn’t know what to do, but the bus driver said it was okay and took the 1.50$… I then took my seat and waited to go home. I appologized to him as I was getting off, and he said that it was ok. Soooo Tomorrow I’m going down to get a bus pass so I don’t have to worry about anything like that happening again! 😦

Welp… now I’m here at home… about to do some homework. I have a 4 page paper (not bad) thats due in 2 weeks (also awesome, but I’m not going to procrastinate… EVEN THOUGH MY INTERNET IS DOWN RIGHT NOW! I was going to research my paper, but I can’t as of right now, so I guess I AM putting it off until tomorrow.) and some journal responses to do.

So the first day went really well! 🙂

Job Hunt

I haven’t started applying to any places in Pittsburgh yet, but I have 3 things to think about.

At school they have a job opening for the ‘Cage’ where you rent out all the A/V equipment that you need for any projects. Its flexible around my school schedule which is a plus, and starts me at minimum wage, 20 hours a week. Because the job is very intense because you have to learn a LOT about every camera and piece of equipment in the Cage, I probably won’t be able to get anther job at the same time. They also give raises based on performance every 6 months.

Theres a place called “Legal Grounds Coffee and Tea” which is  RIGHT across the street from the school practically. They said I could fill out an application, because they were thinking about trying new things, such as selling coffee to people in their cars, which would help customers get coffee without even leaving their car on the way to work! They also need people to hand out fliers and stuff. I think that would be a “fun” part-time job, but I don’t know how well they will work around my schedule…

And… Theres also the Japanese restaurants and Panera Bread that I wanted to work for. But… I don’t know which of the above 3 would benefit me more and get me the most money, but won’t hurt my studies at all.

Comments? 😦

Officially in Pittsburgh

Finally staying in Pittsburgh for good. Its an amazing place, and having an apartment “mostly” to myself has been awesome! I have a roommate, and hes a cool kid… I’ve known him since elementary school, so thats a plus too.

I’ve found it hard to do things on my own, but I’m getting better at it everyday. Riding the buses here in Pittsburgh is an adventure too. Yesterday after my Orientation at the Art Institute, I wanted to catch a bus and go down to Carson St. and get something to eat with a friend. Well… The bus was supposed to come at 4:01 but it didn’t come until 4:20 so I was worried that since it was late, I wouldn’t have enough time to stop and eat and then be able to catch the next bus that leaves at 4:45 because by the time I was at Carson St. it was almost 4:35. I just gave up and rode it all the way home.

The Art Institute is a wonderful place too… Orientation was on Saturday and my roommate, a friend that was visiting, and I made it there okay… but once we got to the school, they ended up making us walk across the river down to Station Square to the Sheraton Hotel where they were having the beginning part of Orientation. A lot of the Deans spoke about the school and things like that. They played 2 movies about the Art Institute in general and the specific Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Thennnn came the fun part!

They had all the “guests and parents” leave and had us play some games. In the first game they asked us questions like “Stand up if you’ve ever worn steel toed boots” and odd things like that. Next they had us move all the chairs to the sides of the room and we got into groups and played the “Mrs. Right headed left out of the driveway when Mr. Right came pulling right into the left lane right across the street.” (where you had to pass a prize left or right based on what you heard). That was pretty fun. Then we played Human Bingo, where we had to find other people that had what was on our card. That got us to talk to random people, which was really really cool. THENNNN we played “evolution” where we started as a tadpole, had to play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” and if we won, we would become a Frog, then an alligator, then a Fire Breathing Dragon. If you became the Dragon you won and got some candy. 😛 This also made us challenge random people. I of course won 🙂 Then after that we all sat down on the floor, and six people (Hurray! I was one of them!) stood up in front of everyone in a circle and made a string web. She handed a mic around and had us tell everyone what we are most excited about when starting at the new school. It was awesome to stand in front of almost 300-400 people and tell them how excited I was about starting. After that, we walked back to school and had lunch.

On our way back to school, I found out that my roommate and our friend were back at the apartment already, which I thought was really dumb because he was going to miss the rest of Orientation. I walked back with my new friend Becky, and her roommate Angela, which are both awesome people! (I met Becky through facebook, which is how I met most of my close friends that go to AiP)

The rest of the day was more excitement. I got my ID, I got to meet one of the people that heads the Visual Effects department (for now). I got my schedule changes a bit… Now I have classes Early Monday and Early Thursday morning. Heres my schedule:

Monday: 8am-12noon Introduction to Visual Effects. 12:45pm-4:45pm Freshman Studies


Wednesday: 12:45pm-4:45pm Fundamentals of Design

Thursday: 8am-12noon Color Theory for Media. (long break?) 6pm-9:35pm Composition and ‘something else?’ (<– English class 😦 )

Friday 12:45pm-4:45pm Drawing and Perspective!

I’m so excited… thats all I have! We got our supply kits too the other day, and mine weighs SOOO much. Theres a ton of stuff in it. I got a 100gb Hard-Drive for saving my projects. A HUGE drawing board and HUGE sketch pad. Lots and lots of pens, markers and pencils! and a 30″ T-ruler that didn’t even fit in the HUGE Portfolio bag that it all game with. Thats just a third or less of what was in there! I’ll take a picture soon.

My Supply Kit

Not much else to talk about yet. I’m sitting in my apartment bored as heck… I read most of Chapter 1 in my Visual Effects book, even though I haven’t even started the class yet…

Xbox 360 Update: Yeah… Okay Heres the full story. I bought a broken xbox 360 off of someone that goes to the Art Institute. (The only thing wrong with it is that it didn’t have sound) I sent it in to get repaired by Microsoft, and they sent me a new (refurbished maybe) xbox and it played really well! Except that the DVD drive didn’t work! I could still connect to xbox live (they sent me a free month of it, for ‘fixing’ the xbox) and It would also play the xbox live demos and everything. Well…. I had to send that one in to get fixed too (luckily they renewed my warranty so I didn’t have to pay for the second repair).

Well, as I was waiting for them to repair it and send it back, HALO 3 came out. Of course I pre-ordered it, and waited 4 hours in line to get it. I was 4th in line too! 🙂 I got it, and… My xbox is still in Texas getting fixed. fun fun fun… NOT I can still play Halo 2 online on my original xbox though.

Moving into the apartment, all we have is wireless internet. So I can’t play xbox live until my dad gets me a connection to the router with an Ethernet cable. He said he would look at it on Monday.

But… MORE GOOD NEWS! (not :P) I called Xbox customer support yesterday because on the service website, it said my xbox no longer existed. NO LONGER EXISTED?! What the heck. I was on the phone for a half hour trying to sort it out and they said it is still in the workshop being repaired, but do not know when it will be finished. The guy on the phone said to wait 3-5 business days for the xbox to at least re-appear on the website. Maybe they couldn’t fix it and are sending me another “new” (*cough*refurbished) xbox!

At least I’ll get another free month of xbox live ^_^.

No more Maple?

I haven’t been playing Maplestory at all… period.

Haven’t really been wanting to play though… And ever since the Japanese MS started the IP bans, it made me want to play Maplestory even less. As I update this blog, I’m going to be removing all the maplestory parts from it, and sticking to writing about my life only…

My roommate wants me to start playing MS with him again, so maybe I’ll add the stuff back in later, but who knows.

New notebook, new pen

Guess what! I’m back and am going to start blogging again. Missed me? I bet you have!

A lot has happened in the last 5 months. YES it has been five whole months since I last posted on this blog, but thats my fault… sorry!

A new Chapter is starting in my life, I’m going off to College! I’m also moving out and going to be living on my own in a brand new awesome city. Wish me luck and I’ll post more very soon. (Reason I’m not continuing now, is because WordPress is having scheduled maintenance, so I’ll let them do that)

Dakara Keep Trying~

Ok, It’s been a week since I last posted… Sorry about that, but its been for different reasons. I’ve been busy a lot with college and getting things together for it, but I’m here now, and I got all the time in the world pretty much to keep you updated.

College Update First: The college visit to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh went really well! I got a bit emotional while I was there but that is my own problem. I really enjoyed the school a lot. My admissions director was SUPER nice! She was awesome. She showed me around the school and I especially liked the Green room and the audio studio room that they had. Before we left she told me to think about it over the weekend and call her on Monday to see what I thought and If I was interested into applying. We settled on a Major of Visual Effects & Motion Graphics which was pretty cool. Its not really a programming major which is what I thought I really wanted, but Its fun and puts my creativity to the test. Its a really cool program that I believe will boost my career opportunities.

Well I did talk to her again and she got me started on the application process. I filled out the on-line application and did the essay… I sent it in and checked it off my list. The next thing I had to do was talk to my guidance councilor and set up a day to take my Placement test and get a copy of my transcript sent. I got the transcript sent but my guidance councilors (note: I don’t really have one specified to me) are too “busy” to care about us seniors, so I doubt I’ll be able to take my test at school.

I also had to call another Lady to get started on my Financial Aid… Today I just got my Student aid PIN thing so I can finish my FAFSA form and stuff as soon as my Dad gets all of his information.

I’m feeling very confident about this school because I really want to go, and the girl I met with on my College Visit said she would write me a letter of recommendation! Wooo!

JOB! 🙂 Yes thats a J, O and a B: I applied to Dairy Queen on Monday and today my friend Alyssa (who works there) said that she was asked about me. We figured that they would call me, but my mom took me there to get ice cream so I just hopped in and asked if all the spots have been filled yet or not. The really nice manager said that she was going to call me, but she wanted to set up an Interview for Tuesday at 3:30. YES 🙂 I’m so happy! Pray that I do really well in the interview so that I get the job!

Side Note: McDonald’s Southwestern salad is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Good! ^_^ (Sorry for the advertising haha)

Maplestoryyyy: Oh… darn I haven’t been on Maplestory very much this past week because I ran into a dull period. I’ll get on tonight and work my way to level 40… I need some things to keep me occupied while playing it… I need more japanese music 😛

Yeah, I’m level 36 and I haven’t posted any pictures… Sorry about that! 😦 I’m on the laptop so I don’t have any pictures to upload… Mehhhhh You’ll see some when I’m 40…

Japanese: One good point about the Art Institute is that I might be able to take Japanese classes at the University of Pittsburgh and they might even count towards my general education electives! 🙂

GTG for now…