About 5 more days!

Just a quick update~

5 more days till Christmas! Is anyone else excided as much as I am? I really can not wait.

Nothing much that I want for Christmas~ Though I probably won’t get very much at all anyway… I did want an iPod, but I changed my mind after I found out that you can get recertified (kinda like used) computers for really cheap. I found one that suits my needs for under 200$… Its just about the same kind of computers that my school uses (the newer ones) :/ It would be so awesome to have my own computer. I could put Maplestory on it… Even Japanese Maplestory (Which I have been dieing to play for like 3 months now). My friend Tom said that he would even lend*(not the right word?) me his graphics card and RAM and let me pay for them when I can get the money (aka: He is selling them to me!).

*Snap back to reality* Wow… I can really hope and wish that my parents would get me a computer for Christmas… anything over 100$ to them is pretty much a No :/ So I’ll never really know if they get me one or not untill that day… *sigh*

Meww~~~ Anyway… Still excited about Christmas? Heck yeah!


Quick Update~!

Good news I guess.

I’m still alive, don’t worry. I’ve been dealing with life and things that have been going on so I have been kind of busy~ Sorry about that. Anyway… My sister from California was visiting for about 3 weeks and yesterday was her last full day here. She left today at around 4 in the morning. I’m really sad that she is leaving. I look up to her very much. She has also helped me with a lot of family issues while she was here, part of the reason I haven’t updated. I’m really sad to see her go back home! I’ll still try to call her lots and talk to her on the phone.

Meh~ So… Pretty much all day everyday, all I can think about is Japanese MS. My sister has talked me into bringing my computer stuff, that is up in my room, downstairs so my Dad and I can work on fixing it and making it run. It’s really good news because the MAIN reason I want it so much is hopefully once its up and working, I’m going to be able to put jMS on it and play again!!! Weeee! I’m so happy. Good news for me and my friends <3.

My friend Crystal who plays global Maplestory with me said she is interested in learning japanese and wants to be able to play with me. A good learning and teaching oppurtunity! Woo!

Anyway~ That’s pretty much it. Can’t wait to see how this December will unfold.

Maple Story, Oh how I love thee.

Maple Story is a fantastic 2D MMORPG that I have been playing for many years. Here is the Maplestory wikipedia entry. It is such a great game. Here are some pictures of my characters. KliCk5mb is my old-main Cleric, and Miyoha is my current-main Dragon Knight (to be) KliCk is lvl 50 and Miyoha is level 51 or so right now. By the way I am a GUY and yes, Miyoha IS a female character, but I don’t care… They look better. I tell everyone that I’m a guy so theres no funny business going on! 🙂

KliCk and Miyoha

Older Picture of my Cleric with Friends

Sorry about the crappy quality of the first picture… Anyway… I’ll post some more pictures of my past later on~ I have to go for now! Peace!