Did you have a Merry Christmas?

Merry Christmas! (though its a couple days after) Did you have a nice Christmas? New Years is coming up too so be sure to have a Happy New Year also!

I got an Insignia Video MP3 Player for Christmas… It is totaly awesome! I have a ton of songs on it already and a bunch of music videos ^_^. I also got 4 Xbox games from my sister Jamie, a great book from my other sister Cora… Gift cards from Mom, Dad, Grandma… a conversational Japanese book… and…

My wonderful Grandma got me “The Sound of Music” DVD and Soundtrack CD. (Haha, you might call me a dork, but thats my favorite musical EVER!!!!) So I’m really happy about  that!

Anyway~ Enough about Christmas. Since I didn’t get a computer for Christmas (hah~ In my dreams) I deleted the majority of my stuff on our computer down in the basement. Thats the computer that is infamous for being crappy, old, and slow. I got about 50% free space on one of the hard drives *gasp* so I asked my dad If we could get it running faster, if I could get the Admin Privs back so I can start playing jMS again!!! WOOOT

Hopefully? 🙂


Quick Update~!

Good news I guess.

I’m still alive, don’t worry. I’ve been dealing with life and things that have been going on so I have been kind of busy~ Sorry about that. Anyway… My sister from California was visiting for about 3 weeks and yesterday was her last full day here. She left today at around 4 in the morning. I’m really sad that she is leaving. I look up to her very much. She has also helped me with a lot of family issues while she was here, part of the reason I haven’t updated. I’m really sad to see her go back home! I’ll still try to call her lots and talk to her on the phone.

Meh~ So… Pretty much all day everyday, all I can think about is Japanese MS. My sister has talked me into bringing my computer stuff, that is up in my room, downstairs so my Dad and I can work on fixing it and making it run. It’s really good news because the MAIN reason I want it so much is hopefully once its up and working, I’m going to be able to put jMS on it and play again!!! Weeee! I’m so happy. Good news for me and my friends <3.

My friend Crystal who plays global Maplestory with me said she is interested in learning japanese and wants to be able to play with me. A good learning and teaching oppurtunity! Woo!

Anyway~ That’s pretty much it. Can’t wait to see how this December will unfold.