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First Flash Review: Woo! Link to Musicovery Here


Ok, This isn’t a Flash “game” but It’s interactive, and that is pretty cool. Ever wanted to listen to kind of music that you like, but were tired of all the music that you’ve already heard? Welcome to Musicovery~ It is a very cool interactive music experience. It allows you to chose various music genres from Pop to Rock to Classical. There are filters for you to sort through Hit songs, or “Discovery” songs where you can find songs that you’ve most likely never heard of from all sorts of bands! When you click on a different filter, or area on the Mood screen, the screen updates and flys through a web-like splater of artistic bliss. (Sorry, that sounded dumb)

I love spending hours flipping through the different choices of music and listening to something new every minute while doing my work. You may notice that the sound quality is Lo-Fi (though It sounds great to me, maybe a tad better than radio quality… Though I don’t get out much >.>). You can get a paid subscription that raises the quality of the sound, but I think it sounds just fine!

Perhaps this will break the barrier between people and their music. 🙂 I found this wonderful flash… um… “game” from JayIsGames. Thanks JayisGames~!


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I’m new to this whole Blogging thing so I’m kind of worried about messing up! I’m sure I’ll be ok though. I just wanted to say something about my Flash movie/game reviews. Most of what I review will probably be coming from JayIsGames. What I post will be MY opinions on the game, but the idea’s of what to review will probably come from his blog. I love his blog and reviews. I usually go there everyday. When I come home from school, or am on the Internet for the first time, you’ll usually see my type in jayisgames first thing! I will put if I am getting the game/movie whatever in my posts so I give all credit to him and his “employees” (I guess you would call them that? :P). If anyone has any idea’s if there is a better way to give him credit, or if I’m doing anything wrong, then please comment! ^_^