Back in the Burgh

I’m back to my apartment finally. I wen’t back to my parents house for the summer so I could save some money up and work during the summer. That didn’t happen.

I missed my apartment a lot. I missed my bed, I missed my room. I missed a lot of my friends too. Yesterday I went downtown to my old 7-11 job and saw some people I used to work with and were my friends. I also went with one of them down to Giant Eagle to get some groceries.

One of my goals when I’m back is to start eating fresher foods, like fresh vegitables and making food from actual ground beef or chicken instead of buying Ramen and TV dinners. 😀 I’ve been good so far because I bought some apples and peppers. I’m gonna chop up the peppers and use them in stirfry and stuff like that.

I’m kind of screwed right now because I spent all the money I was saving for school, and don’t have a job yet. I’m working on updating my resume and I’m going to get copies printed on monday. Currently my rent is due in about 10 or so days and I don’t have hardly any of the money for it. I hope my landlady will understand. Plus the person who co-signed my loan got denied for my next loan so I can’t continue school till I figure something out.

Sorry about rambling but I got a lot on my mind right now. I’ll update again soon. (maybe haha) (but seriously, I’ll try harder this time)


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