Kick Me Down These Steps…

Hey… It is finally warm in my room. The Air conditioning unit was still in the window, and I was too stupid to take it out. I finally did last night and its finally warm in my room!!!

Don’t know what took me so long to take it out, but now it is cluttering my floor. I’m going to trip on it, just wait.

I got a brand new computer! Wooo! And it is amazing. I’ve never been able to multi task with 100 windows open at once, and even play games on the highest settings. I’m going to be in debt for the rest of my life for it, but… Eh…

SCHOOL! Has been amazing so far. Mid-terms were a couple weeks ago and I totally got  4 A’s and one B+ Hah… Theres still one grade pending, but most likely it will be good. No worries here, I’ve been doing all my work. (Hah, never thought I would actually say that and not be lying) School hasn’t been too hard. Theres a lot of preparation for my classes though. I have to buy lots of stuff like paper and supplies. Luckily I returned a book that I didn’t have class for and got money refunded so I could buy those supplies.]

The other day I went to an Olive Garden in Green Tree and turned in an application. I’m going to call them today in an hour to see if they actually got it and if they are hiring. I doubt they are. I got excited about applying there, but I guess I’m going to have to set up another meeting with my career services to find other places that are hiring. My dad helped me finish my resume, so I can finally print it out (on fancy paper! *big smile*) and give it to the other job opportunities.

I’m so slow and lazy… ughhh I should have a job by now.


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