Day One and the Coffee Shop

Today (October 1st, because my internet wasn’t working then) was my very first day of classes. It was amazing! I got to school okay, and walked into my first class ‘Introduction to Visual Effects’. There were 20-some people in the class, which was cool… The teacher was totally awesome. His name is Max and makes class very fun. We took 8 pages of notes about the History of Film, and the Timeline of Visual Effects, but it was totaly worth it. With each line of notes, I learned so much. Almost everything was something new. Class was scheduled about 4 hours, but we got 10 minute breaks (roughly) every hour. We also were done 20 minutes early.

After that class I went down to the Legal Ground’s Coffee & Tea place down on the corner. They were at Orientation and invited me there to have some coffee or tea (I don’t like coffee so I went and had the BEST EVER Chai Latte thing). I got an application from the lady and I’m really hoping that I might be able to work for them. They had new ideas of selling Coffee to people waiting in their car at the Stop-lights. I hope it works out for both them and I. I would love to have a job. (As of right now I have hardly any more money… Especially after having to pay my months rent out of my pocket because of a 30-day wait period on my school loan… -_-;;) I also turned my application to the Career Services at school to have them make sure I’m elligable to work part-time at the Cage in School… I’m really excited!

During lunch I met up with my Friend Kayla, and her room-mate Anastasia (Which doesn’t like her name, and prefers to be called Ana. Even though I think the name Anastasia is awesome!) which were both in my next ‘Freshman Studies’ Class. That teacher was awesome too. She was really nice and down to earth. We played another ‘Ice-breaker’ game where we had to find people with certain traits, and have them sign our paper. That went okay. We lectured and did a group project at the end of class. Afterwards we went down to the library to see what is offered to us there. The Library seemed really nice and organized. After that I took care of some things, like returning my Computer Lit. book because I tested out of the class (a good thing). Then after I went down to Kayla’s Dorm and went downtown with her and her roomate Ana. We went to Radioshack and also this cool game store that sells video games pretty cheap. We even got to ride the Trolly/Subway/Tram/whatever the heck its called.

Anyway… Then came the fun part. This morning I got a transfer ticket from my bus in the morning, and didn’t know that they expired in 3 hours. I try to catch a bus home, but the driver said it was expired. I only had 1.50$ and the fare was 1.75$ I was really scared and didn’t know what to do, but the bus driver said it was okay and took the 1.50$… I then took my seat and waited to go home. I appologized to him as I was getting off, and he said that it was ok. Soooo Tomorrow I’m going down to get a bus pass so I don’t have to worry about anything like that happening again! 😦

Welp… now I’m here at home… about to do some homework. I have a 4 page paper (not bad) thats due in 2 weeks (also awesome, but I’m not going to procrastinate… EVEN THOUGH MY INTERNET IS DOWN RIGHT NOW! I was going to research my paper, but I can’t as of right now, so I guess I AM putting it off until tomorrow.) and some journal responses to do.

So the first day went really well! 🙂


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