Job Hunt

I haven’t started applying to any places in Pittsburgh yet, but I have 3 things to think about.

At school they have a job opening for the ‘Cage’ where you rent out all the A/V equipment that you need for any projects. Its flexible around my school schedule which is a plus, and starts me at minimum wage, 20 hours a week. Because the job is very intense because you have to learn a LOT about every camera and piece of equipment in the Cage, I probably won’t be able to get anther job at the same time. They also give raises based on performance every 6 months.

Theres a place called “Legal Grounds Coffee and Tea” which is  RIGHT across the street from the school practically. They said I could fill out an application, because they were thinking about trying new things, such as selling coffee to people in their cars, which would help customers get coffee without even leaving their car on the way to work! They also need people to hand out fliers and stuff. I think that would be a “fun” part-time job, but I don’t know how well they will work around my schedule…

And… Theres also the Japanese restaurants and Panera Bread that I wanted to work for. But… I don’t know which of the above 3 would benefit me more and get me the most money, but won’t hurt my studies at all.

Comments? 😦


One Response

  1. i would say apply at all of them, and set a date that you’ll make a decision by. So if only one of them has contacted you by then… that’s the one. If more than one has contacted you, you can pick which one pays best or works with your school schedule.
    good luck!

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