Dakara Keep Trying~

Ok, It’s been a week since I last posted… Sorry about that, but its been for different reasons. I’ve been busy a lot with college and getting things together for it, but I’m here now, and I got all the time in the world pretty much to keep you updated.

College Update First: The college visit to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh went really well! I got a bit emotional while I was there but that is my own problem. I really enjoyed the school a lot. My admissions director was SUPER nice! She was awesome. She showed me around the school and I especially liked the Green room and the audio studio room that they had. Before we left she told me to think about it over the weekend and call her on Monday to see what I thought and If I was interested into applying. We settled on a Major of Visual Effects & Motion Graphics which was pretty cool. Its not really a programming major which is what I thought I really wanted, but Its fun and puts my creativity to the test. Its a really cool program that I believe will boost my career opportunities.

Well I did talk to her again and she got me started on the application process. I filled out the on-line application and did the essay… I sent it in and checked it off my list. The next thing I had to do was talk to my guidance councilor and set up a day to take my Placement test and get a copy of my transcript sent. I got the transcript sent but my guidance councilors (note: I don’t really have one specified to me) are too “busy” to care about us seniors, so I doubt I’ll be able to take my test at school.

I also had to call another Lady to get started on my Financial Aid… Today I just got my Student aid PIN thing so I can finish my FAFSA form and stuff as soon as my Dad gets all of his information.

I’m feeling very confident about this school because I really want to go, and the girl I met with on my College Visit said she would write me a letter of recommendation! Wooo!

JOB! 🙂 Yes thats a J, O and a B: I applied to Dairy Queen on Monday and today my friend Alyssa (who works there) said that she was asked about me. We figured that they would call me, but my mom took me there to get ice cream so I just hopped in and asked if all the spots have been filled yet or not. The really nice manager said that she was going to call me, but she wanted to set up an Interview for Tuesday at 3:30. YES 🙂 I’m so happy! Pray that I do really well in the interview so that I get the job!

Side Note: McDonald’s Southwestern salad is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Good! ^_^ (Sorry for the advertising haha)

Maplestoryyyy: Oh… darn I haven’t been on Maplestory very much this past week because I ran into a dull period. I’ll get on tonight and work my way to level 40… I need some things to keep me occupied while playing it… I need more japanese music 😛

Yeah, I’m level 36 and I haven’t posted any pictures… Sorry about that! 😦 I’m on the laptop so I don’t have any pictures to upload… Mehhhhh You’ll see some when I’m 40…

Japanese: One good point about the Art Institute is that I might be able to take Japanese classes at the University of Pittsburgh and they might even count towards my general education electives! 🙂

GTG for now…


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  1. we’ll see more when you’re 40? like years old? gee whiz.
    just kidding, i realize it’s level, not years. but when i read that i laughed very loud.
    Good luck with all the stuff going on in your life. I’m very proud of you.

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