College Visit Friday

Today I’m sitting at my Dad’s office waiting for him to get back from his daily meeting. I’m here because today I have a college visit to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and I have to stay with him until it is time to go to the college. I’ve always enjoyed coming to his work and meeting his co-workers and seeing the building he works in every day. I always wanted to work in an office area and his is really nice. Although I would be content with just a small little Cubicle in the corner of the building! ^^;

I’m really nervous about the college visit. They girl I spoke with on the phone asked me to bring in some work that I’ve done in the past, but I wasn’t able to bring anything with me because of different complications. We are going to be looking into Video and Media Design or something close to that, because I enjoy video recording. This occupation though, is my second choice. What I really enjoy doing is Computer Programming. If I’m not accepted into UAT, then this would be the next best thing (Which reminds me, I need to send in the application for UAT!). Wish me good luck today with my college visit!

In Maplestory, I finaly made it to level 30! Thanks to my new 2x Experience card! I bought it yesturday and I get twice the amount of experience from 5pm to 9pm and All day Friday and Saturday (Not exactly the whole day, but pretty close to it.) When I’m back home and get a chance, I’ll upload some images and stuff for you.

I’m still nervous about the college visit!! 😦



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  1. I hope your visit with Art Institute went well and I hope you have the opportunity to come out to Arizona and visit UAT. 🙂

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