What is wrong with you google? Swim to Europe?!

Google has amazed me again…

Ok, So If I wanted to go to Frankfurt Germany I would ask google how to get there. This is google’s response: GOOGLE MAPS Look at step 20

Swim to Europe

Swim across the Atlantic Ocean? Haha… This really made my day. My friend Katie found this out and it was hilarious! Yes I know that I can’t drive/walk to Europe, but swim? Haha. Google you amaze me every day… ^^;


4 Responses

  1. yeah, joam and i showed his mom that you can travel from galt, ca to rome, italy… all you have to do is… SWIM ACROSS THE ATLANTIC OCEAN! hahahaha!


  3. This is yo mothafreakin mama. I want u 2 b back at home at 9:30. Go 2 bed you bastard!NOw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for that comment “mama”. Though I really think you are dumb. I know who you are because your IP was logged. How is Georgia working out for you?

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