More Japanese MS fun

Yesterday was a ton of fun… Lots of monsters… lots of friends… lots of Guild PQ! 🙂

MrLinny and KliCk KliCk and mini yeti

I finally made it to level 25… ^^; Heres what I look like now with my +10 DEX towel, Dex Bamboo hat… and my lvl 25 bow. I also added in the dog forehead item just for fun since I haven’t gotten a +4 DEX Pinocchio nose yet :/

KliCk lvl 25

lvl 25 bar


Anyways… My guild did a ton of Guild Party Quest runs… It was so much fun! I found a 60% overall scroll for DEX, which got traded for a steely… then I sold the steely. Later on in the day I found another scroll that was the same. I still have that one, yet I want to sell it soon. I have about 5 million meru now (thats Japanese meso) because I bought myself some fun stuff. And I also scrolled the towel I have to 10+ DEX so… yeah that cost a little.

Heres a picture of me being the noob for our PQs.

KliCk noob die


Thats about it… My break is over… It snowed several times during the Easter break, so I didn’t feel like doing anything. I went to church on Sunday, but other than that… I just sat home and stayed warm… and played Maple Story 😛


5 Responses

  1. Congrats on reaching level 25! =D

    Nice, you play in JMS! I want to try someday…One of my friends wanted me to play in EMS but my IP is blocked… -__-

  2. Ahhh.. Nick.. read your other blogs .. and lvl 36? 😛 My comp’s been down and I quit MS for awhile.. in general D: So.. so.. good bye jMS 😮

  3. I’m level 40

  4. Grats. I quit though. So have fun with everyone on jMS.

  5. Where do you get the dog nose in jMs? And would you know where to get colored wg becuase i see every random 10+ char in jMS wearing it ._.

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