Jms time… Maybe?

I’m back on playing jMS!!! 🙂 Hopefully. My dad got more RAM for the computer downstairs so I tried jMS again and it seems like its ok. No disconnects so far… That was the major problem before. I would disconnect every 2 minutes.

We’ll see what goes down.

Today I was playing and there was this girl that started to talk to me in Japanese. I REALLY wish I knew what she was saying… She AND I tried sooo hard to talk to eachother but it just failed miserable. I’m going to find someone that knows both Japanese and English and ask them to help me make amends with this girl.

And yeah… I forgot to get a screenshot so I would have future reference, but my electricity also shut off shortly after she left. Oh wells…

Edit: I think I got the girls name… It should be 春風月火 But for some reason the second Kanji doesn’t LOOK like how I remember seeing it. But that was the only kanji that I could find that was close. 😦 Mehhh Help?


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  1. I hope you can come back to JMS. My stay there was good. Got to 154 and got banned D:

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