Ready to Graduate

Senior Project… OVER! 🙂 I did my presentation today and it went VERY well… My main english teacher gave me a 96%, but the other teacher still has to give me a grade. I was a little nervous, but It seemed like I was able to speak well with the kids in my class. I’m glad its over!

Now that that horrible part of my school year is over… I can sit back and concentrate on my other classes.

SAT! I applied for the SAT test on May 8th, thanks to my Dad… He payed for it so I can take it. I have a good feeling about it though, because I do really well on tests like that.

College: I still need to get more things together for the Art Institute Interview thing on the 18th. And now that I applied for the SAT test, I can finish my UAT application tomarrow after school. I’m having the test scores sent to UAT and the Ai so I should get the UAT application in Asap.

My cousins and my Uncle Tom visited over the weekend. They were here because my Great Uncle died. 😦 I enjoyed their stay a lot, and I haven’t seen Uncle Tom in forever. I also got to talk to this sweet korean girl Sang-a, a friend of my cousin Joanna’s. I got to say hello in Korean and that made me feel good.

For my Sr. Project, My Japanese neighbor was kind enough to let me borrow 2 Japanese magazines and a newspaper for my presentation. She is so nice! Today I got to talk to her for a long time… She makes me feel happy because she is Japanese ^^;

DAD BOUGHT RAM!!! Wooo, So now this crappy computer is semi-faster now. Maybe I’ll be able to play the Japanese Maplestory without me disconnecting every 2 minutes… That was the ONLY reason I stopped playing! 😥 I miss it so much… Maybe I’ll be able to play again and see Ray (Pokgai) in all his fourth job greatness…

I’m tired, so thats all I’m going to post…


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