I learned my lesson.

I have a computer teacher, and I have two classes with her–C++ Programming, and Data Processing. I love the Programming class, because thats what I love to do. But…

The Data Processing class is boring as heck. We were working with Microsoft Excell and we got to chapter 6 in the book. Welp… Me and a friend kinda procrastinated throughout the 5th chapter, and were able to finish the 5th chapter, but not the 6th. The teacher collected books so we could start on working on Microsoft Access, and… so we didn’t get to do chapter 6 at all.

It was my bright idea (sarcastic) to get the files off a friend (she doesn’t know I took them) and use them as our own, so we could print out the chapter and be done. BIG PROBLEM… Thats a bad idea, duh because its cheating… Yeah… Should have stopped me there… But I didn’t :/

Teacher found out that we cheated, girl that had no input might get a lower grade thanks to me. I told the teacher that she wasn’t involved so she might not get in trouble. Long story short >

> I have a 50% in that class. 50% = grade E… Grade E = not good.

In C++ Something must be going wrong with my programming, because I have a 74% in that class. Thats 1% away from getting a C. I love programming, and I’m probably getting SOME points taken off for turning my work in late sometimes, but it shouldn’t bring it down that much! I hate school.


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