Yes I want to go to college after school. Yes I doubt I’m going to get in…

I’m too scared to apply to college. I know that I have about like 20% chance of getting in. Everyone says not to worry because I’m smart. Yes I’m smart, but my grades are horrible, I can’t speak proper english (or write it in that case), and I have hardly any skills.

My # 1 school that I would do ANYTHING to be able to go is University of Advanced Technology. I want to take the UAT-Online courses so I can stay in Pennsylvania maybe for the first two years. I want their Bachelor’s Degree in Game Programming. I have _not_ applied yet because I’m too scared.

There are several other schools I have liked, but the only one that I’ve looked at recently is the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. A spokes guy came to our school two days ago and I was interested. They do not have any programming classes that I would like, but they do have Video and Media Production stuff. I like recording things and stuff like that, though I would need to learn a lot (I LOVE learning). I’m going for a college visit April 13th so I’m a little excited/scared. The girl I’m meeting said to bring some work that I’ve done, so I’m scrambling to get some stuff together. I doubt I’ll get in… My friend Kayla (TALENTED! Just check out her Deviant art page! that got in with ONLY her portfolio said that only about 45% of people who apply get in. Yeah, I’m not getting in.


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  1. Hello – my name is Warren and I am an admissions representative from UAT. It sounds like you may be a perfect fit here at UAT. We are always seeking studentss who are passionate about technology and want to continue to learn throughout their lifetime. If you havent requested information from us yet – go for it – I would be happy to answer any questions you have about UAT and our programs. 🙂

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