UAT College Application Update

Ok… Umm I started to fill out the application, but I’m going to hold off on doing it completely until tomarrow. I want to double check some information with my school/guidance so I can complete it fully.

I was going to E-mail Warren and thank him for posting, and tell him that I applied, but I’ll save that for tomarrow too, after I finish the application. I’m excited! ^_^ Wish me luck with it!


Wow, stupid fortune cookie.

I’m just sitting here playing Prince of Persia: Sands of Time for GBA on my sister’s DS. It is really frustrating! I keep dieing for stupid reasons.

Anyways… Report cards are coming up. They are coming probably next Friday. You already know about the worse grades. All others are ok 🙂

I got a comment on my last post about College. It was from a nice guy named Warren. As soon as I finish writing this post, I’m going to go fill out the application for UAT. I feel special that he found my blog! I guess thats a good sign. I’ll get it over with and pray for the best! ^_^

Speaking of fortune cookies (Oh wait, who was talking about them?)… I think I believe in fortune cookies. There is something wierd about them… I always get really good ones that apply to my life. Yesturday we had Chinese for dinner… This is my fortune: (BTW, I kinda have a thing against showing others my fortunes, kinda like as if they won’t come true if I do, but what the heck… I’ll share it anyway!)

> > FORTUNE: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Lucky numbers 27, 33, 4, 26, 7, 49.”

Ok yeah I don’t care about the lucky numbers. But Wow, That Preparation meets Opportunity thingy really hits my life on the nail! I think it deals mostly with me and College… O.o;

I miss jMS…


Yes I want to go to college after school. Yes I doubt I’m going to get in…

I’m too scared to apply to college. I know that I have about like 20% chance of getting in. Everyone says not to worry because I’m smart. Yes I’m smart, but my grades are horrible, I can’t speak proper english (or write it in that case), and I have hardly any skills.

My # 1 school that I would do ANYTHING to be able to go is University of Advanced Technology. I want to take the UAT-Online courses so I can stay in Pennsylvania maybe for the first two years. I want their Bachelor’s Degree in Game Programming. I have _not_ applied yet because I’m too scared.

There are several other schools I have liked, but the only one that I’ve looked at recently is the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. A spokes guy came to our school two days ago and I was interested. They do not have any programming classes that I would like, but they do have Video and Media Production stuff. I like recording things and stuff like that, though I would need to learn a lot (I LOVE learning). I’m going for a college visit April 13th so I’m a little excited/scared. The girl I’m meeting said to bring some work that I’ve done, so I’m scrambling to get some stuff together. I doubt I’ll get in… My friend Kayla (TALENTED! Just check out her Deviant art page! that got in with ONLY her portfolio said that only about 45% of people who apply get in. Yeah, I’m not getting in.

I learned my lesson.

I have a computer teacher, and I have two classes with her–C++ Programming, and Data Processing. I love the Programming class, because thats what I love to do. But…

The Data Processing class is boring as heck. We were working with Microsoft Excell and we got to chapter 6 in the book. Welp… Me and a friend kinda procrastinated throughout the 5th chapter, and were able to finish the 5th chapter, but not the 6th. The teacher collected books so we could start on working on Microsoft Access, and… so we didn’t get to do chapter 6 at all.

It was my bright idea (sarcastic) to get the files off a friend (she doesn’t know I took them) and use them as our own, so we could print out the chapter and be done. BIG PROBLEM… Thats a bad idea, duh because its cheating… Yeah… Should have stopped me there… But I didn’t :/

Teacher found out that we cheated, girl that had no input might get a lower grade thanks to me. I told the teacher that she wasn’t involved so she might not get in trouble. Long story short >

> I have a 50% in that class. 50% = grade E… Grade E = not good.

In C++ Something must be going wrong with my programming, because I have a 74% in that class. Thats 1% away from getting a C. I love programming, and I’m probably getting SOME points taken off for turning my work in late sometimes, but it shouldn’t bring it down that much! I hate school.

Need to post

I need to post. There are a lot of things going on in my life that could be interesting to someone… and theres no use in me having a blog if I don’t post… Hmm…

Some things I need to talk about: (I’m noting these things now so I have future reference as to what I can write about.) Grades… That includes the cheating story. College Prep… Lack of playing Maplestory… My room… Well theres a lot more than that, I just need to talk about them and see where it gets me.

Update in a few.

Ok, Youtube is safe.

Yay! They unblocked youtube after like a day. *phew* Alls well that ends well.

Our school still sucks though.

What is wrong with the world today?

Yesterday our school blocked one of the greatest websites ever… YOUTUBE…


What the heck?!?!! Our school is so retarded! My friend even did his Senior project yesterday and he was going to use a youtube video in his presentation, but NOPE… Our school had to be dumb and block it so he couldn’t use it.

Our librarian is 100% against it. I’m 100% against it… AHHH!!

I’ll post more once I find out more information about this… -_-;