Saturday, Sunday… then Monday!

Christmas is almost here! I’m counting the days. So excited. What sucks though is that It hasn’t been snowing here at all yet. (It did snow two times… and only once did the snow lay. But that was about a month ago :/).

Wow… I don’t have anything to write about :/ grr.

Oh wait…. Duh theres TONS of stuff to talk about. Yesturday was an awesome day (Thursday that is). That was the day that my school had their Blood Drive. The Central Blood Bank people came and I wanted to give blood! I never gave blood before so I was really nervous. Not because of the needles or anything, but just because I was mostly excited about actually giving blood. I was also afraid that they wouldn’t let me give blood, because maybe lack of ID (I don’t have my Drivers Licence, pasport, or blood doner card), or maybe I didn’t have enough Iron or something wierd like that. I went down to my school’s gym at about 9:00 and waited with some of my friends.

When they first called me, I had to go behind a blue screen thingy to get my finger pricked and my blood pressure taken. The cool thing was that the lady who did all that plays World of Warcraft! It was so much fun talking to her about it. She said she had several level 60 characters and one of them was like Tier 2 or Tier 3 (I forget which one). Ok~ Either way I’m probably starting to sound a little nerdy. After that I went back to sit with my friends and waited to be called the second time. Then a few minutes later I got to pick a “bed” to sit/lay at so I did. Shortly before I got to sit down, my friend Nicole was about to give blood. This was the only sad part of my day.

Nicole was nervous the whole time about it hurting and whatnot. The lady who was getting her blood missed her vain so it hurt Nicole a lot :/. I felt so bad for her. And at first Nicole wasn’t giving blood very much, so the lady had to adjust the needle 😦 So sad… Good thing Leanna and I were there to hold her hand :(… Anyway I was sitting on the bed for about 20 minutes before anyone came and started the whole “procedure”. (They really were slow) It didn’t hurt much at all. I felt the pinch when they put the needle in and it stung a little bit, but then the stingging went away, but I could still feel the needle there :/. It just tingled… haha

Anyway~ about 10 minutes or so (Not really sure…) and I was finished giving blood…. though noone came to finish me 😦 I waited and waited… Then finally someone comes and takes the blood pouch thingy away, though they leave the needle in me x.x And I’m sitting there for about 10 more minutes before someone comes and takes the stupid needle out. I was like “Finaly! Its over!”. And it pretty much was! It was an exciting experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat 🙂

Anyways~ after I gave blood I went up to one of my teacher’s room for the rest of the day and played Halo 2 and Warcraft 3. It was much fun. After school, my friends and I went to Double Dragon, then back to Krista’s house to watch a movie. It was fun hanging out with my friends.

Ok welp… That was pretty much the end of my day! What an eventfull day~


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