About 5 more days!

Just a quick update~

5 more days till Christmas! Is anyone else excided as much as I am? I really can not wait.

Nothing much that I want for Christmas~ Though I probably won’t get very much at all anyway… I did want an iPod, but I changed my mind after I found out that you can get recertified (kinda like used) computers for really cheap. I found one that suits my needs for under 200$… Its just about the same kind of computers that my school uses (the newer ones) :/ It would be so awesome to have my own computer. I could put Maplestory on it… Even Japanese Maplestory (Which I have been dieing to play for like 3 months now). My friend Tom said that he would even lend*(not the right word?) me his graphics card and RAM and let me pay for them when I can get the money (aka: He is selling them to me!).

*Snap back to reality* Wow… I can really hope and wish that my parents would get me a computer for Christmas… anything over 100$ to them is pretty much a No :/ So I’ll never really know if they get me one or not untill that day… *sigh*

Meww~~~ Anyway… Still excited about Christmas? Heck yeah!


3 Responses

  1. i’m excited too! i sent you the book, it’s not an ipod… and it’s just a character developing book so not much fun. but it’s mail! (:

  2. I got the book you sent me! I really like it. Thanks very muchhhh! 🙂 I love you

  3. hi is that u in the pic cuz if it is u dammmm ugly 4 sure!!!!!
    srry but lol bye fucker

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