Now Renting: Splinter Cell Double Agent

My sister and I went to Hollywood Video the other day and we rented some movies and a game. I picked out Splinter Cell Double Agent for the Xbox because after seeing Bob & Steve ❤ I wanted to try playing the original Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. What was cool about that game is that my sister could Coop with my and we could play together. We beat the game together and it was really fun!

Anyway… I’ve only played Double Agent a little bit so far, but It seems sooo much better than the first game. Though I don’t think I’ll be able to enjoy it as much as if I would have bought the game. That way I could fully enjoy all the levels and maybe get xbox live for it later… What stinks is the game is due back Sunday and my sister has to work a lot so theres hardly any time we could try to Coop… I’ll keep playing it and see how much I’ll like it and maybe try to buy it… ^_^


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