jMS Blues~ :(

It’s bringing up all the memories that I’ve had playing Japanese Maple Story~ I’ve been reading people’s blogs like Pokgai’s, Cindy’s, and xYumi’s (to name a few~ meh) they have made me a little depressed. With every new picture I look at jMS and all the fun that they are having, I wish more then ever to be able to play more and more… The feeling is growing stronger right now even just thinking about it. I’ve met such wonderful people while playing it, and I cant describe the vast amount that I have learned from just playing it a little bit. Just thinking about it makes me feel like I belong there. I doubt I would ever get bored of playing it, because through all the dumb grinding in MS… I’ll always have lots more Japanese to learn.

If you don’t know the story yet, the whole reason I haven’t been able to play it is because 1. The computer that has it installed is… OLD. Very old… and slow. 2. My dad revoked the administrative privileges from my account on that computer, and also changing his password :-/ 3. My sister (That owns a nice fast computer) will not let me install the game on her computer. I don’t mind, after all it’s her computer…

I just wish i could play *sigh* My other sister from California told me she would ask her pastor if he had any leftover computers/parts. At least then I could spiff up my (own) computer (Mind you, this computer started with windows 3.1 already on it, and I’m working my way up T_T) and then I could at least play it on there~ *sigh*

*growing weaker by the second* :-/ For all you guys that play jMS right now, please save me a space in your “jMS soul” so maybe it’ll make me feel better ^_^;


2 Responses

  1. That really sucks, I hope one day you can play jMS, you seem like a pretty cool guy and there will bne a spot on my buddlylist for you.

  2. Woah, thanks for linking me to your blog. For your kind act, I will link you too mine. I hope you find away to get yourself back into jMS!

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