Flash Reviews

I’m new to this whole Blogging thing so I’m kind of worried about messing up! I’m sure I’ll be ok though. I just wanted to say something about my Flash movie/game reviews. Most of what I review will probably be coming from JayIsGames. What I post will be MY opinions on the game, but the idea’s of what to review will probably come from his blog. I love his blog and reviews. I usually go there everyday. When I come home from school, or am on the Internet for the first time, you’ll usually see my type in jayisgames first thing! I will put if I am getting the game/movie whatever in my posts so I give all credit to him and his “employees” (I guess you would call them that? :P). If anyone has any idea’s if there is a better way to give him credit, or if I’m doing anything wrong, then please comment! ^_^


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