Maple Story, Oh how I love thee.

Maple Story is a fantastic 2D MMORPG that I have been playing for many years. Here is the Maplestory wikipedia entry. It is such a great game. Here are some pictures of my characters. KliCk5mb is my old-main Cleric, and Miyoha is my current-main Dragon Knight (to be) KliCk is lvl 50 and Miyoha is level 51 or so right now. By the way I am a GUY and yes, Miyoha IS a female character, but I don’t care… They look better. I tell everyone that I’m a guy so theres no funny business going on! 🙂

KliCk and Miyoha

Older Picture of my Cleric with Friends

Sorry about the crappy quality of the first picture… Anyway… I’ll post some more pictures of my past later on~ I have to go for now! Peace!


3 Responses

  1. What do i do if i wanted to stary playing, too? (:

  2. just for laughs hahahahahahaha lol=laugh out loud and also lame play play only don be angry hahahah

  3. -_-;; And now theres a guy from Singapore messaging me? Too bad I couldn’t understand what he said…

    lol hahahaha play play play play lame lame But I’m not angry… “:)

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