If you are the money… Then I’ll be the wallet

007: Casino Royale

Movie Review 8/10

Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

Three of my friends and I saw 007: Casino Royale last night and thought it was great! The new Mr. Bond (played by Daniel Craig) did an excellent job as well. The movie dived into action (as expected) but didn’t dwell on technology as much as some other Bond movies did. This movie is pretty much a prequel for James Bond. The movie begins with him receiving his Double 0’s ^_^. If you like poker, then you might like the suspense and strategy during the poker game scenes. Although, In my opinion, if you don’t know the basic idea of poker, then you might be a tad lost. In the movie there was action, romance (though less lustful than other bond movies :-p which somewhat is a good thing eh?) suspense… and an overall great “Bond” atmosphere. Chelsea said there could have been a little more girls though ^_^ *wink* lol…

8/10!!! Great Movie… I recomend go seeing it! 🙂


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