jMS Blues~ :(

It’s bringing up all the memories that I’ve had playing Japanese Maple Story~ I’ve been reading people’s blogs like Pokgai’s, Cindy’s, and xYumi’s (to name a few~ meh) they have made me a little depressed. With every new picture I look at jMS and all the fun that they are having, I wish more then ever to be able to play more and more… The feeling is growing stronger right now even just thinking about it. I’ve met such wonderful people while playing it, and I cant describe the vast amount that I have learned from just playing it a little bit. Just thinking about it makes me feel like I belong there. I doubt I would ever get bored of playing it, because through all the dumb grinding in MS… I’ll always have lots more Japanese to learn.

If you don’t know the story yet, the whole reason I haven’t been able to play it is because 1. The computer that has it installed is… OLD. Very old… and slow. 2. My dad revoked the administrative privileges from my account on that computer, and also changing his password :-/ 3. My sister (That owns a nice fast computer) will not let me install the game on her computer. I don’t mind, after all it’s her computer…

I just wish i could play *sigh* My other sister from California told me she would ask her pastor if he had any leftover computers/parts. At least then I could spiff up my (own) computer (Mind you, this computer started with windows 3.1 already on it, and I’m working my way up T_T) and then I could at least play it on there~ *sigh*

*growing weaker by the second* :-/ For all you guys that play jMS right now, please save me a space in your “jMS soul” so maybe it’ll make me feel better ^_^;


Musicovery: Interactive WebRadio Flash Review


Interactive WebRadio

First Flash Review: Woo! Link to Musicovery Here


Ok, This isn’t a Flash “game” but It’s interactive, and that is pretty cool. Ever wanted to listen to kind of music that you like, but were tired of all the music that you’ve already heard? Welcome to Musicovery~ It is a very cool interactive music experience. It allows you to chose various music genres from Pop to Rock to Classical. There are filters for you to sort through Hit songs, or “Discovery” songs where you can find songs that you’ve most likely never heard of from all sorts of bands! When you click on a different filter, or area on the Mood screen, the screen updates and flys through a web-like splater of artistic bliss. (Sorry, that sounded dumb)

I love spending hours flipping through the different choices of music and listening to something new every minute while doing my work. You may notice that the sound quality is Lo-Fi (though It sounds great to me, maybe a tad better than radio quality… Though I don’t get out much >.>). You can get a paid subscription that raises the quality of the sound, but I think it sounds just fine!

Perhaps this will break the barrier between people and their music. 🙂 I found this wonderful flash… um… “game” from JayIsGames. Thanks JayisGames~!

Flash Reviews

I’m new to this whole Blogging thing so I’m kind of worried about messing up! I’m sure I’ll be ok though. I just wanted to say something about my Flash movie/game reviews. Most of what I review will probably be coming from JayIsGames. What I post will be MY opinions on the game, but the idea’s of what to review will probably come from his blog. I love his blog and reviews. I usually go there everyday. When I come home from school, or am on the Internet for the first time, you’ll usually see my type in jayisgames first thing! I will put if I am getting the game/movie whatever in my posts so I give all credit to him and his “employees” (I guess you would call them that? :P). If anyone has any idea’s if there is a better way to give him credit, or if I’m doing anything wrong, then please comment! ^_^

Maple Story, Oh how I love thee.

Maple Story is a fantastic 2D MMORPG that I have been playing for many years. Here is the Maplestory wikipedia entry. It is such a great game. Here are some pictures of my characters. KliCk5mb is my old-main Cleric, and Miyoha is my current-main Dragon Knight (to be) KliCk is lvl 50 and Miyoha is level 51 or so right now. By the way I am a GUY and yes, Miyoha IS a female character, but I don’t care… They look better. I tell everyone that I’m a guy so theres no funny business going on! 🙂

KliCk and Miyoha

Older Picture of my Cleric with Friends

Sorry about the crappy quality of the first picture… Anyway… I’ll post some more pictures of my past later on~ I have to go for now! Peace!

If you are the money… Then I’ll be the wallet

007: Casino Royale

Movie Review 8/10

Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

Three of my friends and I saw 007: Casino Royale last night and thought it was great! The new Mr. Bond (played by Daniel Craig) did an excellent job as well. The movie dived into action (as expected) but didn’t dwell on technology as much as some other Bond movies did. This movie is pretty much a prequel for James Bond. The movie begins with him receiving his Double 0’s ^_^. If you like poker, then you might like the suspense and strategy during the poker game scenes. Although, In my opinion, if you don’t know the basic idea of poker, then you might be a tad lost. In the movie there was action, romance (though less lustful than other bond movies :-p which somewhat is a good thing eh?) suspense… and an overall great “Bond” atmosphere. Chelsea said there could have been a little more girls though ^_^ *wink* lol…

8/10!!! Great Movie… I recomend go seeing it! 🙂

Thanksgiving Aftermath

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I wanted to wish everyone a Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is the day to give thanks for all the things you have. I personally am thankful to have my family and my good health, but that is basically the generic Thanksgiving thankfullnes. I’m also thankful about how well God has been treating me and being patient with me for these long 17 years… I’m also thankful that my sister is here in Pennsylvania visiting from California. I haven’t seen her in a very long time. She has been helping me with life and family problems so she is on my top list of what I am thankful for. I’m sure you all have already sat and thought about what you are thankful for yesterday during Thanksgiving, but If you haven’t I wan’t to encourage you to go ahead and think about what you are thankful for! 🙂